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Old Window that Work!


If your home was built between the late 1800’s and the mid 1940’s, the original double-hung windows probably operate on a pulley, cord and weight system - a simple counterbalance. Inside the walls, behind the casings, are a pair of cast iron weights that equal the weight of the sash they support. The weak link in the system is the cotton sash cord. When broken down by sunlight, moisture, paint and time, the cotton sash cord frays and eventually breaks, allowing the weights to drop. Now the window no longer stays open (or closed in the case of a top sash) on its own.

Another problem is paint. Over the years, countless coats of paint are applied to old houses and sometimes windows are painted shut.

Fresh Air Sash Cord Repair restores the function of original, double-hung windows in older homes. During our repair process, we will:

  1. Carefully set up and mask off the work area
  2. Replace broken sash cords with new, strong sash cord
  3. Add weather stripping, if desired
  4. Remove paint build-up from friction surfaces
  5. Clean and lubricate friction surfaces, weather stripping, and pulleys
  6. Release windows that have been painted shut
  7. Make sticky windows open easily
  8. Fix double-hung windows so they open at both the top and bottom
  9. Adjust weights so windows stay open without a prop and close properly
  10. Repair sash frames, if necessary
  11. Touch up glazing, if necessary (we refer large glazing jobs to other trusted contractors)
  12. Clean window glass
  13. Lightly wet sand, and fill seams and nail holes
  14. Completely clean up the work area by removing all trash, vacuuming and mopping.

At the end of each workday, we make sure windows are reinstalled, unless we have made other arrangements with you.

Close up photo of Patty's hands working. Nice photo of Patty standing in front of windows she has repaired. Photo of Patty working on a window.